The Union of Ukrainians in Romania is an ethnic, non-governmental, non-confessional and non-profit organization with legal personality acquired under Law no. 246/2005, with full autonomy, operating in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, Romania laws, organizational Statute, as well as with the international documents regarding the rights of the national minorities.

      The Union of Ukrainians in Romania is a representative parliamentary organization for the Ukrainian community in Romania, it is part of the Council for National Minorities in Romania, and through its publications, part of the Association of the National Minorities Press Association of Romania. 

      According to art. 62 of the Romanian Constitution and the provisions of the electoral laws of Romania, UUR is an organization assimilated to political parties and organizations.

      The Union of Ukrainians in Romania is a member of the Ukrainian Congress of the Ukrainians (SKU), the European Congress of Ukrainians (EKU), the Ukrainian World Coordinating Council (UVKR) and the Association for Ukraine's Ukrainian Foreign Relations (Ukrainian-World Association "). 

      The fundamental goal of the Union of Ukrainians in Romania is to protect the rights to express and promote the ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious identity of persons belonging to the Ukrainian minority, to revive and form national unity and conscience, to protect the individual and collective rights of its members and to strengthen relations Romanian-Ukrainian collaboration.