On July 6, 2019, the Union of Ukrainians from Romania organized in the town of Sulina the "Festival of Ukrainian Fish Borsch". The gastronomic contest was attended by teams from the local Ukrainean population in Tulcea. Housewives have shown their craftsmanship in the preparation of fish borscht and other delta delights, using traditional recipes. 

       The festival aimed to preserve and promote Ukrainian cuisine, Ukrainian traditions and culture, as well as their popularization among the majority population.

      During the preparation of borsch, the folk groups "Perşa zorea" from Sulina, "Bila ruja" from Letea, "Bila makovka" from Chilia Veche and "Rebalka" from Crişan, as well as guests from Ukraine like tenor Mikola Sikora, Iurii Kobzarenko and Olena Susarenko, delighted those present with traditional Ukrainian songs.

       The festival was attended by UUR: Nicolae Miroslav Petreţchi - Member of the Romanian Parliament and UUR President Bogdan Moisei - First Vice-President UUR, Ioan Herbil and Mihai Traista Vice-Presidents UUR, Irina Liuba Horvat - Secretary General UUR, Terezia Şendroiu - Secretary UUR , Vasile Buciuta-treasurer UUR, Dorina Fartusnic-UUR administrator, Ilie Sauciuc-president Suceava Branch, Gheorghe Hleba-president Timis Branch, Dumitru Cernenco- president Tulcea Branch, Irina Moisei- editor-in-chief of Naş holos magazine Roman Petrasuc- lecturer, Alexa Bout- President of OTUR, Nicoleta Dumitrache - TVR editor, guests from Ukraine, locals and tourists.

       During a working visit to Sulina, PM Viorica Dăncilă visited the "Ukrainian Fish Bars Festival", where she met with the UUR leaders, whom she congratulated on keeping and promoting the language, culture and traditions of the Ukrainian ethnicity. The Ukrainians in Dobrogea are the descendants of the Zaporojeni Cossacks, who settled in the Danube Delta.