On November 24, 2019, the Iasi Branch of the Ukrainian Union of Romania organized a thematic evening "The memory that saves: the voices of truth" at the Club of Doctors in Iași to commemorate the victims of the Holodomor from 1932-1933 in Ukraine (Great Hunger in Ukraine). The event began with a moment of silence in memory of all the unmarried and unsuspecting victims of the Holodomor.

      The president of the Iasi branch of the UUR Victor Hrihorciuc presented a material on the theme of the Holodomor. The guests of honor talked about the significance of this moment in Ukrainian history. 

      At the end of the event, the participants watched videos and photos with the aspects of those times and the consequences of the artificial famine, which caused the death of millions of Ukrainians. They also visited the book exhibition on the theme of the Holodomor.