On June 9 a.c. in Bistra, Maramureş branch of U.U.R. organized the cultural action "Ukrainian Folk Caravan". Participants were UUR Chairman, Member of the Romanian Parliament, Nicolae Miroslav Petreţchi, members of the UUR Maramureş Branch Committee, Presidents of local organizations of UUR, Mayor of Bistra commune, Vasile Duciuc, priests Ioan Iurcea and Ioan Ardelean, inhabitants of Bistra village and neighboring villages, in the Suceava and Timis counties and in other localities.

        On stage were performed: "Kolomeica" ensemble from Siret, conductor Prof. Zirca Ianoş, "Cervona Ruja" folkloric group from Bocicoiu Mare, coordinator Anna Mihali, soloist Simina Colopelnic from Remeţi, Naistul Nicolae Hrin from Timiş county, ensemble "Huţuleata" din Valea Vişeului, coordinator Prof. Maria Papariga, "Crasnianocica" ensemble from Crasna Vişeului, coordinator Gheorghe Mocernac, ensemble "Nadia" from Repedea, coordinator Adriana Recalo, choir of Maramureş Branch of UUR, conductor Prof. Geta Petreţchi and accordionist Nicolae Grijac.

        The purpose of the action was to promote Ukrainian folk song and dance, to highlight the cultural heritage and to transmit it to the young generation. Also on 9 June, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church "Ascension of God" from Bistra commemorated its patronage.