On July 14th ac, at Bocicoiu Mare, arrived the Caravan of Ukrainian Folklore for celebrating Ukrainian Orthodox Church "St. Apostles Peter and Paul" in the locality. The cultural action and the festival were funded by UUR.

    The event was attended by artistic groups from the Ukrainian towns of Maramures, as well as the ensemble "Cervona Kalena" from Negostina, Suceava County (coordinator Iulian Chidesa) and two famous ensembles from Ukraine: The Popular Instrument Orchestra of the Rahiv District House of Culture (conductor Ivan Mysynchuk) and amateur group of Verchovyna rayon, coordinator Mykola Maksymjuk.

     The events were organized by the chairman of the Maramures branch of UUR, Miroslav Petreţchi, together with the leaders from the Bocicoiu Mare Organization of UUR, president Ioan Greceniuc. The events were attended by presidents of local organizations from UUR, Maramures County, local residents and guests.