On July 21 a.c. in the commune Crasna Vişeului, Maramureş Branch of U.U.R. organized the cultural action "Ukrainian Song and Dance Festival". The goal of this event was the promotion of Ukrainian folk dance and danceamong the younger generation and to make them realize the importance of culturale heritage.

Among the participants wre: the UUR president, deputy in the Romanian Parliament, Nicolae Miroslav Petreţchi, members of the Maramureş Branchof UUR, representatives of the school in the locality, the local public administration, presidents of local UUR organizations, inhabitants of the village of Crasna and neighboring villages, guests from Suceava and other localities.

    On the stage performed: "Cervona Kalyna" ensemble (coordinator Iulian Chideasa), "Cervona Ruja" folkloric group from Bocicoiu Mare (coordinator Anna Mihali), soloist Simina Colopelnic and ensemble from Remeti (coordinator Mrs. Livia Roman), ensemble "Huţuleata" (coordinator Prof. Maria Papariga), "Crasnianocica" ensemble from Crasna Vişeului (coordinator Gheorghe Mocernac), ensemble "Nadia" from Repedea (coordinator Adriana Recalo), choir of Maramureş Branch of UUR (conductor Prof. Geta Petreţchi) and accordionist Nicolae Grijac, and ensemble from Lunca to Tisa (coordinator Ana Sambor).