On October 13th, in Lunca la Tisa, Maramureș County on the occasion of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church "Coverage of the Virgin Mary", took place the Festival "Meeting with the village's children", organized by the Maramureş branch of the UUR together with the local organization, President Ana Sambor.

      On stage performed: the vocal group "Veselka" from Lunca to Tisa , the vocal group "Remeteanka" from Remeți, the vocal group "Nadia" from Repedea, the female vocal group "Runianski divciata" from Rona de Sus, the male vocal group "Holos Polonene" from Poienile de sub Munte, the folklore group "Cervona ruja" from Bocicoiu Mare, the ensemble "Molody huțuly" from Valea Viseului, the vocal-instrumental band "Cervona kalena" from Rona de Sus, but also guests as: the ensemble "Cervona kalena" from Negostina, the women's vocal group "Polonenka" in Paltinu, Suceava county and the ensemble "Tysianochka" in Buștino, Teaciv district, Transcarpathia region, Ukraine.

      The members of the UUR-Maramureș Fialial and locals Lunca to Tisa and the neighboring villages were present on this event. The event aimed at meeting the village's children, who came from all over the country, but also from Ukraine and Hungary, as well as promoting Ukrainian traditions.