On October 28 this year, the Honorary President of the World Congress of Ukrainians and a member of the CMU Board of Directors, Eugene Czolij, paid a visit to the UUR headquarters in Bucharest. Here he met with the re-elected President of the UUR, Deputy Nicolae- Miroslav Petretchi, the members of the UUR-Bucharest branch, the editors-in-chief and the editors of the UUR publications and with representatives of the administrative department. During the meeting, several subject were discussed like: aspects related to the 8th Congress of the Ukrainian Union of Romania, which took place on October 26-27 in Cluj-Napoca, the activity of the UUR, the support of Ukraine and the collaboration between the UUR and the CMU.

      We have to mention that the former president of the World Congress of Ukrainians, Eugene Czolij, was a guest of honor of the 8th Congress of the Ukrainian Union of Romania.